Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week 49 - Baptism in the Selma Spanish Branch

  Elder Schaff was excited this week because their investigator was baptized on Sunday. He initially began teaching Leo with Elder Ennis, and then with Elder Derbidge. Elder Ennis was able to come and attend the baptism, which was great. Everything seems to be going well and the work is progressing in Selma/Parlier. 

Elder Ennis, Leo and Elder Schaff

Elders Derbidge and Schaff, Leo and Elder Ennis
  "Time goes by fast! Well, this was a bad email period because I was very distracted by the other Elders playing and downloading music. President Mackay just changed the music rules to allow anything on lds.org. Let me tell you there are some good things on there. There is a lot more music than you'd expect. Which means that the other missionaries searching for "new" and inspiring music in the collections is really distracting.

This week we found 5 new investigators. Finally broke out of the drought of not finding too well! 

Notable events-

Leo was baptized! So Leo does look like a gangster a bit in the first photo. He has to wear his hat except for prayers and the sacrament in the building because they put the air conditioning on so high it hurts him. (He has a metal plate in his head that hurts a lot when it gets cold!.) It was an unforgettable baptism.

We found an older woman that is 87 years old, named "M". She began investigating! That's going to be the oldest person I've taught. I was surprised because she has no health problems and understood clearly what we said. 
(I think Elder Schaff was just surprised because he has taught many elderly people who have had serious health problems and have a hard time advancing with the discussions.)

On Thursday we got into a Bible bash with an angry Pentecostal. We lost the Spirit, but prayed and got it back later that night. It turned out we had to learn that lesson so that on Saturday we could teach "E" effectively and answer his questions without bashing.

On Sunday Leo was forgiven of his sins and made clean in the waters of baptism. Many members attended and it united the Branch a bit. Perhaps things will start picking up around here!

Hope to write more next week!!!

--Love you all!

--Elder Schaff   

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