Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 45- Elder Schaff's Daily Summary of the Past Week

  I was writing to Elder Schaff in a hotel room in Ohio this week, we were taking his younger sister to an Especially For Youth session in Tiffin, Ohio. This week he will be celebrating his 19th birthday, and last year he came with us to Ohio to take his sister to EFY, and we celebrated his birthday at Put in Bay, which is an island in Lake Erie. So, I have been thinking of him a lot. 
  It was good to hear from him and he broke down his week by summarizing each day.

  "At long last I have more than 5 minutes to write an email!!!

  Alright, so this week was full of action, success, immense joy and a bit of Godly sorrow put the finishing touch for a character building experience. The easiest way for me to map the week is to give the day by day:

Monday: Chaotic. Had a district meeting in Hanford. Preparation day was thus very short. We had a training on the Book of Mormon and when role-playing, the Zone Leaders said that we have to stand for it and proclaim it as our favorite book--if people ask us if we like it better than the Bible, tell it straight to their face: yes, because it provides more clearly the way to salvation. (Then love them and back up your claim with evidence, but be bold!.)

Tuesday: 110º. Wonderful for biking. We set an appointment with this man that didn't appear very interested, but when we went, it so happened that we had a member with us, and it ended up being a great lesson. The member made this man, "F", feel very comfortable, which resulted in him actually taking action to investigate this beautiful gospel. Later in the week we would visit him to find he had read 13 chapters. His wife is also super Catholic and tried to bash with us--and the unthinkable happened--he defended the Book of Mormon to his wife and said that she was falsely accusing it and didn't know how clear it was. Dang!

Wednesday: We had an exchange with the Zone Leaders. Highlights include Elder K felt inspired to visit a distant former investigator and we were on bikes for whatever reason (their truck was having trouble.) we ended up biking 20 miles and getting rejected and rode 20 back, knocking doors to no avail. I didn't think things like that could happen to Zone Leaders, but I guess it does! 

Thursday: We went to the Temple! we were informed we would be doing that Wednesday night. Big surprise. It was a bigger surprise to the members that needed to give us 45 minute rides to the Temple, but it worked out. Along with personal revelation that I received, our district decided that we would seek out investigators that could become worthy priesthood holders. we are going to show the branch we mean business and make it a ward!

Weekend events: The craziness breaks loose. Our investigator Miguel is set to be baptized Friday, June 30th. Elder D wanted to put it on my birthday, but the other Elders have a baptism for Friday as well, so we decided it would be much better to put them together!  That's exciting! Miguel is excited for it as well!

"E" took a turn for the worse. He lost his testimony of the Book of Mormon, doesn't know if Joseph Smith could be a prophet, and reverted to his old, interrupting self. He also didn't attend church, which was a surprise since he brought the family last time. He is however willing to visit with us to figure it all out, so hopefully it goes well! That was a shocker because we thought he was going to be baptized this week or the next.

True fear. I haven't felt that for a long time. Probably not the whole mission. But I did Saturday night. We got a text from a former potential named "H", saying that he didn't know where to go in his life and nobody could help him but us. We went to see and tried to help him, but he was inconsolable. He is a very rude person to say the least. Since our last visit he has been forcibly separated from his family... (Elder E and I visited him way back.) He gave us an ultimatum: We either show him the way to become a missionary or he becomes a drug dealer. He was totally drunk so we just got out of there. Hopefully he forgets the whole thing because we really can't help him go either way. He absolutely rejected the Book of Mormon and also said a swear word every 3rd word....

We're focusing on the awesome moments with President Clark though, and that baptism coming up. So the bad times did not last. The final Zone Conference with the Clark's is tomorrow, and I'm excited!
Gotta go, bye

--Elder Schaff

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