Friday, July 21, 2017

Week 48 - "Good to have some white sugar here in Parlier"

  Communicating with your missionary can be difficult. I have to laugh a little bit because last week I was sick with a sinus and eye infection. I wrote to Hayden and told him that I was sick and a little concerned because his Dad was going to India for the week. I asked him to pray that I would feel better quickly so that I could manage at home and get his sisters where they needed to be. His opening line in return was, "glad everything is okay at home." Not sure that I felt that things were okay, but oh well, sometimes it's hard to communicate with your missionary. Here is Elder Schaff's news from the CFM this week.

  "Good to have some white sugar here in Parlier."

  Quote of the week. Elder D and I counseled together and decided we would make serious efforts to talk to everyone this week. We did so. The results were incredible. We had many people to visit. Unfortunately, most of those people were busy and did not accept our return visit. Others began reading the Book of Mormon and we set times to meet next week. For whatever reason we found no new investigators this week, but it's alright, we aren't discouraged, this week will be great!  You have to sift through a lot of coal to find diamonds; a lot of tares to find wheat.

  One of those people was a man that has talked with the missionaries before. Elder E and I had actually talked with him as well, but he acted a lot more mellow this time. Weird. Anyway, he took a copy of the Book of Mormon and gave us that header quote. He said that there were so many ignorant Hispanics in Parlier that it was good to have some missionaries preaching about the things that matter in life. An interesting comment, but funny nonetheless.

  Talking to everyone made the work satisfying. Even on tough days Elder D and I knew we had done everything we could have initiated ourselves, and the feeling that came was one of peace and trust. It seemed that by the end of the week we were talking with more prepared people because God could trust us to put them in our path.

  Transfers came and will go tomorrow as they always do. As I predicted, there are not many transfers this time around. I think President Clark worked rather hard to put the mission in order for President Mackay, so his first transfer board was hopefully not so stressful. Then again, seeking revelation like that is still a big deal, so who knows! Either way all is well. You must be wondering if I was affected by the call by now. The answer is that the Selma area will stay intact. None of us are moving except Elder C, our Zone Leader. His mission is finished! He was my first Zone Leader and was a great example for me. Really a changed man. It will be sad to see him go, but he lived up to his potential. He brought salvation to the people of Fresno. He said I'll see him again in "a little over a year" so we'll see if he gets himself married before then- haha.
  I'm excited that Selma is staying together. Our small district of Elders Nielsen, Lopez, Derbidge, and I have gotten close. We have a lot of work to do to get this Selma Branch up on its feet. We probably were called to serve another transfer here so that we could do that. It's going to be a challenge, but I truly believe we can change the perspective this branch has of the gospel.
  • And now a mini soap-box speech by Elder Schaff:
  • Live up to what you have been called to do.
  • All a ward or branch needs to be super successful and build Zion is to have diligent members who will-
  • read the scriptures each day, 
  • pray daily, 
  • visit a family or two once a month, 
  • go to church weekly, 
  • and faithfully accomplish what they have been asked to do by the Lord. (callings)
  Is that so hard? All that together, takes what, maybe 60 hours in the whole month, if you put 10 hours into the calling? That's 8.3% of the time of your month. That's not even a tithing of your time! That doesn't ask much to be a member of Christ's church. 

  Of course, those duties may vary. Take it as you will. I just thought that's the difference between enduring to the end and rejoicing to the end.

  Hmm....what else to say. Our teaching pool is very small right now. We're talking maybe 6 investigators. We're going to be finding a lot in the future. "L" is going to be baptized this weekend, most likely. This last week we decided to postpone the interview yet still because he wasn't sure about tithing. We cleared it up, and all is well. We also had to review why obeying the law is important. The Spirit touched him as we read from the Book of Mormon and he understood why even minor laws are key. They uphold a free society. He is desirous for baptism yet still, so I have no fear for him no matter the delays!

  "M" is still doing good. "E" is an enigma. We're trying to figure out how he feels and what is holding him back. I'll update you next week!

  Receive my words with my love! Everyone out there, be a better you! Be diligent! Be humble! Improve yourself! Love the Lord!

--Elder Schaff

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