Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 12- Seventeen Serranos and Counting

  Last week, I mailed Elder Schaff a small photo album with 48 photos of our family, the dog, our house, and places unique to our area, like Niagara Falls, the Bills stadium, Hill Cumorah Pageant, the church sites in Palmyra, etc. He had requested that I also send a photo of some our board games, and also a picture of the inside of a game box, that shows how we let people sign the box if they win, with their name, date and point total. I guess he has to introduce himself to a lot of people, and this is something unique that he likes to share. Fortunately, the album arrived, and he now has more than enough photos to help in awkward conversations. These are some of the photos I included.

We live in a grogeious part of Western New York, close to Niagara Falls, and many other beautiful areas.
Charlie didn't want to send H this tie!

A Buffalo Bills game in fall 2015
The inside of our 7 Wonders game box.
One of our family favorites-7 Wonders

  This is what he was able to type before running out of time this week, the first few lines are the questions that I had asked him to respond to.

If you can, tell us about-
The ward and boundaries you cover
Weather in Fresno
Where you shop
Are you being fed by members? Or cooking a lot?
What do they feed you? Hispanic dishes?
Best meal so far, worst?

"Mom, I copied and pasted your questions, in order to respond. We got a call from the assistants saying that we had to house some Elders for 2 days, so I am unfortunately, short on time again, really sorry!!!

  The ward I'm in is Echo. To my knowledge, we are in the actual city of Fresno, and cover all of Fresno right now, up to the other boundaries like Clovis, Madera, etc. (These are surrounding cities) This is because Fresno is a free-for-all for Spanish missionaries, so anyone Spanish speaking in the area, can be ours to teach. (Note- there are also English and Hmong speaking missionaries in the California Fresno mission)
  Weather right now is hanging in the 70s to 80s. It has rained a total of 3 times so far, in the 6 weeks I have been here.
  We shop at Wal-mart, but there is a Mexican store called Ollaxacata, or something, that we are eyeing, if we have a little time to explore one of these days!
  We get fed by members every day, every single day without fail. So, we've only had to cook lunches at times. Not cooking much.They give us tacos and homemade tortillas most commonly. The best I've had so far is rolled tacos, pan fried, and topped with Mexican cheese, cream, and a spicy salsa. All are hispanic dishes, but I haven't had a bad meal yet. 
  Serrano peppers: I eat them for "challenges." The other Elders/Sisters cry, when they try to eat the whole pepper, like I do, but I seem to be unaffected. I've eaten 17 so far, and my fame is spreading all about Echo. Looking for a Thai chili or Habanero now.
  Can you look up the Schovilles (this is a heat index for peppers) of a Serrano for me? Thanks much!

  Question: Did I end up with a pedigree chart? If so, where is that?

  I found a running scripture in the New Testament: 1 Corinthians 9:24. "Know he not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain." After deeply pondering it, I decided it did have a profound meaning, I'll give that next time. (5 minutes left I've been informed)

Mom: Thanks for all the support and comments on the everyday life, I'm glad to hear what's going on! Next week I will include more of the lesson of Elder Van Vleet, the plants President Clark gave us, and an example of the daily missionary schedule, and hopefully photos! I'll just start next week right away to avoid timing out!

Dad: Ensure home teaching happens in the ward if you can boost it, in anyway, especially for less active families. It's blessed some lives here. Read Mosiah, chapters 1-6, emphasis on 5, the character of Christ and the importance of His name on us.

Maura: What are your favorite things to do right now? Study the Holy Ghost in the BD (Bible Dictionary) with Mom and Dad. Do you know when you feel the spirit? Keep doing good things!

I already wrote to Sydney on her email address.

This week "A", our investigator that hasn't done much yet, came to church! "M" is solid for her baptism at the end of the month. More next week....sorry that I keep timing out!"

--Elder Schaff

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