Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 15 - First Thanksgiving in the Field

  It was very different for us to celebrate our first major holiday without our son at home. I have to admit that I worried about where Elder Schaff would be on Thanksgiving, and if he would get a meal. Well, the members in Fresno are wonderful and they love to feed the missionaries, I had no need to worry. He ended up with 4 delicious meals on Thanksgiving, two traditional, one with tacos, and another of pasole. He had a wonderful day! Hayden sent a lot of photos, but I have only been able to access a few, having problems with Google Drive, I do NOT like Google Drive! So, I will try to add what I can. He also asked me to put a link to the #lighttheworld Christmas campaign that begins December 1st. Please check it out and help to spread light and kindness this Christmas season.

Here is his email to the group this week-

  "Alright, so if we cover this week's events we start last Monday evening, where something always happens that we have to wait a week for to add to the email!!! So that foot is Elder Mendez's foot, and he landed badly playing basketball, which caused it to swell horribly, as seen in the picture. So, we did nothing but rest Monday after that. He couldn't put any pressure on it, so he was hopping everywhere! We went into an urgent care Monday and he got a boot, that fixed the problem, so all is well now.
Basketball injury puts Elder Mendez in a boot
The Habanero I'm seen eating is a Red Habanero. I didn't even ask for it, Elder Mendez brought up that I liked hot things at dinner on Friday, and the member was growing those in potted plants in her apartment! I tried one at dinner and it was the hottest thing I had. I shed two tears of awesome glory, one from each eye. Then my stomach hurt for like 10 minutes. A non-member Mexican man gave me a talk about how that probably wasn't the smartest thing to be doing, and I promised to request health information on eating spicy things to end that conversation, so Mom and Dad, what happens to me as I continue to eat peppers? It was a grand accomplishment, but I will be looking forward with more caution. The pepper in the apartment is an extra that I took photos with, but didn't actually eat.

  Investigators were slow this week, nothing exciting happened until Sunday. We'll get there.

  Thanksgiving day was fantastic, we had a Turkey Bowl in the morning with lots of missionaries, and afterwards attended to the FOUR dinners we had. How did that happen??? People like feeding the missionaries! 

  A majority of the photos are of Brother K's house, and the objects are part of his personal museum and collection. He was very kind to trust us being in proximity to all of that valuable stuff. Some of the things were the real deal from movies!

  Despite all of the things he had, he told us missionaries (He had invited about 22 of us over) That the most valuable and important thing in life is the gospel of Jesus Christ, which can only be found fully in this church. He said much more, but it was awesome to see that the gospel changes the lives of everyone, rich or poor.

  On Sunday, M was confirmed by yours truly, Elder Schaff. I was informed that I gave a good confirmation and blessing, but I said "miembra" and was quickly corrected by several members that it is only "miembro," and that it doesn't take adjective agreement. They said they'd forgive me though, haha!!!

  The final door that we knocked last night was, Jose's, a street contact. We taught him about the First Vision of Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the gospel, and he was touched by the message. We invited him to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if the message was true, and he enthusiastically gleamed, "of course I will, I have nothing to lose!"

  Everyone out there, you have nothing to lose by saying that very same prayer. It can only give you greater joy and light if it is true. There is nothing to lose in that. I had a great Thanksgiving, and am thankful for the opportunity to serve every day as a representative of Jesus Christ. Sometimes it's hard, but it's all very much worth it. The gospel is true!"

--Elder Schaff 

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