Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 11- Happy Halloween from Fresno

  When you only get to communicate by email once a week with your missionary, some things just don't get talked about. We only discovered from Elder Schaff today, that he and his companion have had a car this whole time! I thought he was riding his bike, but he says he hasn't even used it yet. Sometimes I wonder what else he is not communicating to us! Oh well. As usual, he told us multiple times that he was short on time for writing today. So, I am going to have to get creative to pull some lines from various emails to come up with his blog entry this week. I did ask him if they had to return home early tonight, because of Halloween, and this was his response-

"We are confined to apartments after 5:00 pm because of the clowns....did I mention them before? Haha, anyway, we have been safe the whole time and will be tonight, don't worry."

"We have a car. Haven't moved the bike an inch yet actually, area is too big to try even a day on bikes."

"Working with Elder M has gone much smoother, we finally figured it out. (Please note, he does speak English too, it's just not super good English) It's been more cultural and character traits, not language that has been hard. Anyway, it's all good now! We haven't had any sort of a conflict or low moment this week, and we've been doing better at correcting each other with kindness."

"An Hermana in the ward, Hermana S (the mission mom) took us clothes shopping and bought us complementary sweaters. I also hunted down some ties."

"We have an excess of groceries, and I still have $5 on the mission card that will go back to the mission. I won't go hungry Mom!"

"This week "M" came to church, and became a solid for her baptism date in November. It had to be moved because she couldn't come to church the last two weeks. She's super great, and is already trying to figure out how she can share the gospel with her daughters who are 24, 26, and 29. She's already a missionary! Haha, so that's awesome! We had to drop a family because the parents said they were sorry, but they can't change from their Catholic traditions/Mexican culture. That was too bad, because they understood the BOM (Book of Mormon) really well!!! Oh well. Another investigator, whose sister is an inactive member, had a tough experience on Thursday, but suddenly has a desire to hear our teachings, and to follow commitments. She promised God that she is coming to church next week!

 I'm out of time now....write the blog as best as you can.

Love you all!"

--Elder Schaff

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