Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 10- Treadmills and Peppers

  The emails that we sent back and forth with Elder Schaff today were a little disjointed. He didn't have enough time to write a very good general email for the blog, but sent some personal emails to his sisters and answered some questions from Michael and I, so I will try my best to cut and paste a few things that may be of interest. 
  At home, Hayden has always eaten hot things. He loves peppers, and spicy food and especially condiments, like really hot, hot sauce. So the following email did not surprise me...

  "This strange drink was given to me by one of the members, and cures all stomach pains. I won it because I ate 3 chili peppers at their house that night. I didn't suffer until the third one. (They were between Jalapeño and Habanero level)
  My "fame has spread all about the land" apparently, because at all the members's houses I'll try their spicy things and not really break a sweat! It's been a good ice breaker for me, as I really struggle at times to be open and sociable!"

  Sounds like Hayden and his companion had a few laundry issues this week-

  "After sending email last week, something tragic happened, our clothes didn't dry! We hung up all the clothes and they dried over two days, but Elder M had to iron his sheets to dry them! (I didn't wash my bedding this time!)"

  He also told me that he has been running on a treadmill at the gym, maybe in their apartment complex, and is working hard to get his one mile time down. I think he misses cross country. Hayden thinks that he will be with his trainer, Elder M, for about 12 weeks, which is around Christmas time. And then he added a little more about his week- 

  "The entire rest of the week was really good! Our companionship is doing great. Our investigators are learning, but they aren't getting to church! I'm pondering very hard how I can show them what it means to me to attend, and how important it is. If one of our investigators comes to church once more, she can be baptized.

Proverbs 13:12, "Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life."
This is a little gem of a scripture that says if we have hope and desire, we progress toward the tree of life. I've been working on applying that, and have seen results when I have the desire to do the work!

This week was all about patience, hope, and desire!!!

(Out of time, bye everyone)

--Elder Schaff

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