Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 43 - Not Much to Report

  Unfortunately, Hayden didn't write much this week. This is all that we got, plus some ACT testing advice for his sister, which we which she had before she took the exam-

"Well, we had a special assignment to write President about some things we have learned from the mission. Unfortunately, we started email late and I have to go. Next week!

I thought of one last thing I may need- one more pair of dress pants that aren't attached to a suit!"
Love the family, bye

The ACT test isn't hard, it's all about time management.

English was the only one that I felt required significant skill.

Math you have to move fast because the last 10 questions take way longer than the rest. Can't second-guess the easy ones.

Reading there is always a passage you have to read and always one you need to skim. You have to look at the questions you have to answer in that section to know what you are trying to read for. All the times I did it there was a poem or a short story that just asked for literary techniques in the passage--you didn't even have to read it. Interesting tip.

Science you just have to know how to use a graph and a few formulas. Practice makes perfect.

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