Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 42 - Transfers and a New Companion

  Elder Schaff has only been in his new area for 6 weeks, so I didn't expect him to be transferred this week, and he wasn't, but almost everyone else in their area was. Unfortunately, his fun loving, yet hard working companion, Elder Ennis, was transferred to a new area. Hayden says that his new companion will be Elder Derbidge. They know of each other, as they were in the MTC at the same time and flew to California on the same day, but they have been in different areas the entire time, so now they will have the opportunity to catch up and serve together in Selma. It was getting late in the day, and an email had not come through, so I finally typed, 'are you there, doesn't your preparation day end soon?' This is how he answered-

  "We have had a lot of goodbyes to say. Normally preparation days end at 5:00 in this mission, but with transfers we get until 6:00."

  "Elder Ennis is being transferred. Elder Del Carmen is being transferred. Both the sisters serving here are also affected. Both the Elders that serve in both the English ward and the Spanish branch are affected. There are no survivors except for me and Elder Del Carmen's companion, Elder Nielsen.

Our Selma Gang
  So I haven't written about it, but in our district we have the faithful Elders S and J covering Reedly/Dinuba. They serve in both English and Spanish. Last week Elder S mysteriously had a "heart infection" that began Thursday. The entire mission prayed for him and he recovered on Monday, but was told to take it slowly. President Clark advised him to return home and rest and return to the mission when he knows there will be no risks. (Talk about serving with all your heart!)

  Why is this important? Their area is actually getting closed down because of a lack of Elders. So none other than the Parlier Elders and the Selma Spanish Elders will rise to the call!!!!  Elder Nielsen and I will get it done!

  Elder Nielsen's new companion will be Elder Lopez, but there are 4 Elder Lopez's in the mission currently. (My previous companion will return home now, so 3.) My new companion is Elder Derbidge. I was in the MTC with him and haven't heard much of him since! I imagine he is doing good and we will have a good transfer ahead of us!

  It's going to be crazy and we will have a lot ahead of us! "L" is looking like he will be baptized at the end of June. He came to all 3 hours of church and loved it. "E" also came to all 3 hours of church. He went to gospel doctrine this time and had a better experience. We invited him to also be baptized at the end of June. He said he would pray for an answer or a vision to make sure. That may seem a little out there, but the man prayed for a vision to know if the Book of Mormon is true or not. He proceeded to get one, and has read a good chunk of it. I doubt nothing now!

  Reedly/Dinuba had 14 people with baptismal dates in June. So that may involve even more work to do! I'm excited, but the pressure is on.

  Additional notes: I'm sad Elder Ennis is leaving because I felt like I had more to learn from him about finding/street contacting and I felt like we were doing good together. Also, we won't be able to sing any more songs..... Filming in progress today.

  The rendition of the hymn, "Have I Done Any Good?" on Mormon Channel gets me pumped up every preparation day! Check it out!

  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! We're going to light Selma/Kingsburg/Parlier on fire! Let the Spirit burn in the hearts of men!

  I wish I could share some more spiritual insights, but there is lots to tend to, not much time to scan through notes. Hopefully this will suffice!

  Shout out to the young men of Orchard Park, New York: tell me how you're doing my friends! I want to hear from ya before you go all your different directions!!!

--Elder Schaff

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