Thursday, August 10, 2017

Week 51 - "And Thus the Work Sails On"

  Well, it is week 51, so we are just one week away from the one year mark! Elder Schaff entered the Provo MTC last summer on August 17th. It's hard for me to believe that so much time has passed. It was hot in Utah when we took him to the MTC, and it is still very hot in his area, but the highs are hovering around 99/100 instead of 105 plus. I hope it starts cooling down quickly. It's difficult to work hard in the heat, but he and Elder D are getting it done. Here is this week's update-

  "Well, news for my week:

  I felt like surely many things have happened this week, and that is indeed true, but I don't have much time to describe it to you today world!

  We spent 40 hours "In the Water," or doing missionary work in Parlier itself. (Which would exclude studies and other non-proselyting activities.) That's literally a full-time job, right?

  We did a lot of finding this week, again. We had a tidy sum of appointments and teachings as well, but in the mission you really always find yourself finding, because God's children are always out there waiting to receive the blessings of heaven! Speaking of such, we found 4 people interested in the message and perhaps touched by the Holy Ghost this week, and thus the cycle continues. Our numbers of people we have found to teach have been up and down the last 4 weeks. But hey, finding trends never really coordinate with time spent working.

  The most notable news: Leo and Miguel are still doing really well. Yesterday there were 100 people at Sacrament meeting in the Branch. 15 were visitors, but still, 85 is exciting! During my first week here I think there were about 15 people!

  "S" and "K" are doing better. They are investigators we found 2 weeks ago. (Can't remember if I wrote about them yet.) They hadn't been as receptive until the end of the week, and then we taught the Plan of Salvation and the Holy Ghost touched them. "S" came to church and had a good experience. 

  And thus the work sails on! 

  Our fellow missionaries, known as Selma Spanish, had two families attend church yesterday, so there may soon be 5 baptisms in the Branch. Exciting times in Zion!

-Elder Schaff

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