Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 2017 Zone Conference Photos

  Elder Schaff's mission president and wife post many photos on the California Fresno mission blog. I love to see Hayden and the other missionaries learning and having fun together, hope you will too. I copied these photos of the Porterville, Visalia and Hanford Zones from fresnomission.blogspot.com. If you look closely, you will see Hayden below, in a dark suit and bright blue, geometric patterned tie.

Elder Schaff is sitting next to his companion, Elder Ennis in the top photo. He is about 7 in from the left in the middle photo, his suit jacket is being pulled off his shoulders and you can see his white shirt and blue tie.

Elder Schaff is in the middle of the line of missionaries in the top photo.

Elder Schaff, but especially Elder Ennis, are smiling big as they eat at the table in middle left photo, second row down.

Elder Schaff is singing in the back row, 8 in from the left. Elder Ennis is in the front row, 3 to the right from Hayden.

Thumbs up more Elders Schaff and Ennis in the middle right.

Porterville, Visalia and Hanford Zones, Elder Schaff is on the top row, 7 from the right, helping to hold up the missionary.

Porterville, Visalia and Hanford Zones of the California Fresno Mission, May 2017
Elder Schaff is standing in the top row, 8 in from the right.

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