Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Week 34 - Take Action!

  Elder Schaff sent one and only one email home this week, this is what we got-

  "This week was crazy. It went by incredibly quickly, and was full of joys, disasters, hopes, and surprises. We had an investigator planning on getting married to his girlfriend, who is a member, so that he could be baptized, but his girlfriend informed us he is drinking (alcohol) and not telling us. Then he texted us and said they weren't getting married. That is unfortunate, but it could happen in the future. It is strange how sometimes people want to partake of the gospel, but they aren't willing to do anything about it.
   And now a commentary from Elder Schaff about doing what is right: It's like seeing a beautiful, juicy, fruit on a tree branch a little taller than you are. All you need to do to get that fruit is reach a bit, stretch yourself, maybe even jump if you need to. Yet some people just look at the fruit and wish it would fall down to them. They might even complain about how hungry they are, but continue to wait for the fruit!!! And while the gospel tree is more about reaching to become something more, and staying there, you get the idea. Take action! If you're wallowing in misery, start planning how you'll swim to your success. Don't let the world's tide push you to and fro when there's a path (or perhaps a current) that you know you need to take. The hope of a brighter tomorrow and progression isn't left merely to chance.

   We had this other investigator, "Ana", come to church for all 3 hours. She has had a mighty change of heart since we have been teaching her, and she knows it is right (the gospel.) The problem is, she never has time to keep the reading commitments. I'm hoping that with her newfound determination, all will work out and that she will be baptized. She is looking so good right now! She came to an Easter activity on Saturday as well. She brought her kids to church, who professed that it was extremely boring, but once they got to Primary they had fun.
  We have found 4 investigators this week too. One couple we had a lesson with, but didn't count as investigators yet because we aren't sure if the return appointment is for them to bash us or not. We started teaching the Plan of Salvation, all was well until we tuaght about the Spirit World. Then the guy, "L", suddenly starts dropping Bible scriptures left and right, including several from Revelation, about how once you die it is all over and that there is no way you can accept the gospel. The conversation went on, but was not positive. I was not prepared for Revelation. I had some scriptures prepared to explain the doctrine, but I really don't prepare for bashes. If they don't want it, they won't take it, but "L's" wife needs the message, her brother died in a car crash and she thinks there is no hope for him. So maybe I'll study up a bit...

    We had a Zone Conference this week, and President Clark reiterated his message from last conference of making sacrifices to achieve our true potential as missionaries. He has set a goal of 70 baptisms for April. There are approximately 90 companionships in this mission, so we'll see what happens. President's dream goal is that this mission achieves "The Power of One" at least once, which is that every companionship baptizes in a transfer. We're mustering all our faith to make sure we are getting people to progress, finding those seeking the gospel, and ensuring that we also do our part--studying for investigators and sacrificing my (our) personal will to do the work of the Lord.

    I know I'm trying to do everything I can to improve even just a little bit each day. As we learned in general conference, even just the simple, daily efforts of reading the scriptures and praying can have a profound effect on our lives. I testify of that promise. It is absolutely true. A little time doing the things of God each day brings a joy that cannot even be compared to the things the world claims as happiness.
    So if you chance upon reading this, evaluate where you are in your life and see what you can do to become something more, no matter how great you might be right now.
  "Follow Him and He will take you to heights that are new." (Him being Jesus Christ.)

--Elder Schaff

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