Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Week 31 - Would You Like to Hear More About the Book of Mormon?

  We didn't hear much from Elder Schaff yesterday. Just one of those days when he wasn't feeling like writing much. Sometimes I feel that way too. Some weeks I type up long letters and feel that I can't get it all down fast enough, other weeks I am not sure what to write or share with him, so it's only fair that he feels the same. Here are a few things that he did share with us though-

  "Ok, so I wanted to start the blog today like:

Táó máhkyéen Pa'kampi Mórmón, bóa? (That is: Would you like to learn more about the Book of Mormon? In Lao[tion])

  We gave out a Book of Mormon in Lao using that. A man named "Uncle Tom" taught me that a few weeks ago. Apparently it was correct, because the contacted person took it with a smile and excitement. So that's the fun story of the week. If you look at Lao, it does not look discernible though, it looks like Arabic! I wrote the sounds phonetically.

  I woke up this morning anxious to write, but I'm really not feeling in the mood right now. I was going to write a letter addressed to the blog...we'll see about that.

  I'm feeling tired. My hip suddenly started hurting, beginning on Wednesday. Pain comes in random flashes, usually doing actions like standing up or picking up my bag. It started off doing the motion of picking up my bag from the car, while standing on the curb of some street, and swinging the bag on my shoulder. Not sure if that puts pressure on the hip, but it hurt. Now that pain is spreading to other motions. So, I got a physical damper this week. (Hayden has an old hip flexer injury from cross country, I'm sure it is just flaring up again.)

  I don't know, sometimes you're really excited to email, other times it's more like a chore. Preparation day keeps getting crammed with chores and I don't like it. We don't do anything fun! In his defense, Elder Lopez doesn't like this lifestyle either, but we always have something to do. This week it's getting an investigator's mail and a required oil change on our car. So you win some, you lose some.

   I received a depressing letter from a friend.... I don't know, I'm not feeling it this email session.

  Yes Mom, I did get the package, and the shirt. Thank you! I liked getting those things from you! (I had sent a small package with a shirt I had bought him in San Juan, a small Mickey Mouse, and some candy and treats.)

  Echo 2 is doing alright, but people are progressing slowly. I'm really not sure how to describe it. I think it's just one of those, time will tell things.  Everyone that has baptismal dates didn't come to church, and people that came to church don't have baptismal dates. 

  So I am a little bogged down, but I'll be back up this week, don't worry!

  I was working on a summary of all our investigators, and listed all the people I've personally taught in my journal. (Including all the recent converts, Less-actives, and former investigators.) It was about 90 people. 

  There really just wasn't anything to write about this week. We taught some lessons to help people move along in their progress, but all of the people we have our eyes on (to be baptized) didn't meet with us this week. We didn't find any new investigators either, a bummer. The only saving grace was "Ana," her two kids, and another investigator, Adrián, at church yesterday.

I feel like I'm saying the same thing over and over again here....

Hoping to have all the enthusiasm back next week."

--Elder Schaff

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