Thursday, September 1, 2016

First Email- August 17th

  The missionaries at the MTC are asked to write home the very first day, so that their family will know what day of the week they have been assigned as their preparation day or P-day. This is when they can write home, do their laundry, and take care of other personal matters. This was Elder Schaff's first email, sent Wednesday, August 17th, 2016.

 "Hi family! It's been 4 hours since you dropped me off and I'm still doing fine. P day is Wednesday, so you can expect it every Wednesday. I was taken by the host elder, who dragged my luggage while I received more items for the mission. He brought me to my room and then to my first class and that was that. Started Spanish class with 6 others, 3 elders, 3 sisters, and me. That's our district. Went to a big meeting with everyone that arrived today. About 600! Had dinner, was sent to the computer and about to start a class again. Write you next time!"

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